Graham Turner

Wood Turner situated in the New Forest, Sway, Hampshire.

About Me

Left school at 16 and did an apprentiship at Rolls Royce Derby so learned allot about working with lathes and machine tools, and then drifted of into IT and Management, so it is a great pleasure to be working again with my hands inside (workshop) and outside (fetching and preparing wood for turning).

The wood that I use is mostly from around the village where I live (Sway in the New Forest) it is air dried slowly in the garden until I am ready to turn it, I like wood with contrast (Yew, Laburnum, Walnut) and distinctive grain (burr, spalted, fruit woods), Diseased and dead trees are also a very good source of something different.

I like to experiment and try different things, this include incorporating other materials such as metal (Pewter, Brass, Copper), and more recently have looked at using different nuts (Walnuts, Banksi nuts).

My Workshop is situated in Sway, New Forest, Hampshire.