Graham Turner

Wood Turner situated in the New Forest, Sway, Hampshire.

Draw and Write with Fire.

Pyrography Workshop with Graham Turner Wood Turner.

Pyrography Workshops at Keyhaven Sea Scout hut (SO41 0TP). Open to all ages (8 <> 80+). (18th/20th/22nd/25th/27th/29th August), Workshops tend to be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (For Group bookings other dates maybe available on request.)


There will be two workshop sessions (10:30am->12:30) and (2pm->4pm) or all day (10:30->4pm), and there are seven places in each workshop.

Cost Adults

Individual two hour session £25.00 -- (10:30am->12:30) or (2pm->4pm)

Individual all day booking £40.00 -- (10:30am->4pm)

Group booking for whole table for two hours £85.00 -- (10:30am->12:30am or (2pm->4pm)) 

Group booking for whole table for all day £150.00 -- (10:30am->4pm)

Cost Children

Individual two hour session £15.00 -- (10:30am->12:30pm) or (2pm->4pm)

Individual all day bookings £30.00  --  (10:30am->4pm)

You can join the workshop on the day but there is no guarantee of a place unless you pre-book, please email me for further details (GGT_SWAY@MSN.COM).

The workshops in August are part of Hampshire Open Studios, there will be thwo well known local artists Shaun Stevens, Tessa van Hasselt and myself (Graham Turner) with a display of wood turning, so there is plenty to see.

1) Guidance on transferring designs onto the wood, as well as advice on lettering and drawing a pencil guideline directly on to the surface. No artistic skills necessary as a choice of designs for all ages and ability will be available, however feel free to bring your own designs with you.

2) Selection of Wood Shapes up to the value of £10.00 is included in the price, wood shapes start at £3.00 for the smallest.

3) Birch wood ply from 3" squares from £3  <> up to A4 size £5.00

3) Birch wood ply shapes start at £3.00 each, Butterfly's, Hearts, Tractors, Birds, Owls, VW camper vans, labels, etc..

4) 3d shapes in wood start from £4.00, Boxes, Eggcups, Eggs, Keyrings, Place Matts, Spoons etc....

​5) I will also make sure I have a stock of Christmas shapes as we had the WI in and they wanted to make Christmas decorations in August.

For more information please contact me via my email GGT_SWAY@MSN.COM