Graham Turner

Wood Turner situated in the New Forest, Sway, Hampshire.

Graham Turner (GGT) woodturning Tuition


In 2020 will be taking some time out of teaching Woodturning from beginning of May, however if you have been before I am happy to try and accommodate you, so please get in touch.

The plan is probably to restart the lessons in 2021 with some new twists, so watch this space.

Beginners: Woodturning training and Tuition 

The courSe is designed for those who want to take their first step into woodturning with the wish to create something on the lathe. No fuss, just fun! You will learn how to mount a piece of wood on the lathe. How to cut and shape the wood using gouges and other wood turning tools. The session can be tuned to what you would like to do as people learn quicker working in areas that they are interested in. The aim is to make something that you can take away with you.

​For beginners half day sessions the focus is on spindle turning so we can make things like candlesticks, wooden vase with glass insert, etc.

Beginners sessions start of with some spindle turning and then make a bowl. 

Improvers:  Woodturning training and Tuition:

Further Training can be organised for those that would like to progress with Woodturning.

Suggest projects to extend your wood turning skills:
One Day: Candle sticks, Table lamp, Lidded box, goblets, vase with glass insert, pens, larger bowl.
Two day: Stool, Small side table, Hollow form, Winged bowls and Natural edge items.

Have had a number of trainees that have had regular sessions to improve their skills.

Have found for a number of trainees that after each session I  have given them a piece of wood and set them a project to complete at home, the following session they bring the finished piece back along with any other Wood Turning they have done, this is then critiqued and then we focus the training on areas were improvements can be achieved.


1. Safety equipment will be provided. (Whilst in my workshop it is assumed that you will cooperate by wearing eye protection when turning, and lung protection whenever necessary.)

2. Tea/Coffee/Biscuits are available as required.

3. The workshop is equipped with three lathes and dust extraction equipment.

4. There is a choice of four lathes VICMARC VL300 (Large), Axminster trade series AT1628VS (Medium) x2 and Record Power DL305 (Small).

5. Maximum class size is two.

6. Age Limit (16+) unless accompanied by an adult.

7. Have insurance to cover training on a wood turning lathe via Craft Insurance, (Policy = IWW/00030655)

Cost (Individual bookings, maximum class size is two):

Full day Tuition with lunch for one person (10am -> 4:30pm)  £130.00
Two days Tuition with lunch for one person (10am ->4:30pm)  £200.00

Cost (Two people booking together, maximum class size is two):

Full day Tuition with lunch for two people (10am -> 4:30pm)  £200.00
Two days Tuition with lunch for two people (10am ->4:30pm)  £350.00

Cost (Individual one to one classes):
Full day Tuition with lunch (10am -> 4:30pm)  £200.00
Two days Tuition with lunch (10am ->4:30pm)  £350.00

Cost Notes!

  • 20% discount for Christchurch Woodturning Society members.
  • Beginners, Improvers or Advanced classes offered.
  • Specialist class can also be organised (Pen Making, Hollowing, Colouring).
  • Dates listed are for guidance as I can often be flexible if you can give me enough notice.

Tuition dates available in 2020 (2019 is fully booked):

10/01/2020 + 11/01/2020Booked





20/03/2020 + 21/03/2020Booked                                                



If you are looking for Birthday or Christmas presents I also sell vouchers that can be used in exchange for Woodturning Tuition. The vouchers have a face value of £130, £190, £200 or £350.00. Please contact me for more information. (The vouchers are available via website shop or directly from me via email GGT_SWAY@MSN.COM.)

Wood Turning Course Vouchers are valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.

My Workshop is situated in Sway, New Forest, Hampshire.

Please contact me via the "Contact Page" for further information

Booking Policy Notes !

Deposit of £75.00 due with booking.

Full payment due four weeks before course date.

Payment can be via PayPal, Direct Bank Payment, Cheque or Cash.

Wood Turning Course Vouchers are valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.

Reserve the right to not return deposit for cancellations within two weeks of course date.

Reserve the right to not return full payment for cancellations within one week of course date.

Am always happy to reschedule course dates due to reasonable request or unexpected circumstances.